Fighter Doesn’t Touch Gloves And Gets Knocked Out In 4 Seconds

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Amateur MMA fighters don’t make any money, so aside from cage rental, venue rental, alcohol vender etc. Every ticket sold goes right into the promoters pocket. They just want bodies in the cage to beat the crap out of each other and sell tickets.

More often than not a promoter will tell you how much the other guys sucks, how easily you could beat him etc. Meanwhile he’s in the other guys ear telling him the exact same thing about you. Also one must be careful not to fight for a promoter who has ties to an MMA gym himself.


Because 99% of the time fighting for these individuals results in you being the “fish” or, the less experienced fighter who gets purposely matched with a much more talented fighter from the promoter’s gym in order to get a win.

Before you say yes to a fight its best to ask your coach/coaches to analyze the match up and give their input. after all that’s what you pay them for, to teach you what they know, to give insight they’ve gained from experience. In this attachment you can look at the incredible knockout.


State of Florida Amateur MMA record KO (4 sec.) by Quinton Culpepper of DeBello MMA. His opponent was Aaron Rosenblum fighting out of C4 (Capital City Combat Club). Many people have pointed to these unwritten rules of mixed martial arts when commenting about this video.

In it Quinton Culpepper scores a super quick KO of Aaron Rosenblum when the two fighters met at. The fighters get their instructions before the beginning of the first round as usual.


As they come out of their corners Culpepper has his hand raised up in the universal signal to touch gloves.

However, Rosenblum keeps his hand up protecting his face as he moves in towards Culpepper.

It appears that he is not going to touch gloves. At the very last moment Rosenblum puts his right hand out. It could be an attempt to touch gloves or it could be a punch.

No one really knows. Regardless of his intent his left hand is so low that Culpepper is able to land a devastating right hook that puts out Rosenblum’s lights.


He is out for what looks like a long time as the medical staff work on him to bring him back to consciousness. It took time for the soldier to return to normal because the knockout was very brutal. Everything ended well and the fighter did not get any tears of injury.

Many people have blamed Rosenblum’s failure to touch gloves at the beginning of the fight as the main reason for his loss, even going so far as to call him a bad sport.


This may or may not be true but as always; keep your hands up. This is the only way to preserve a heavy knockout and a bigger effect for you organism. One thing is for sure that every fight must be fully prepared

Name: Quinten Culpepper MMA Record: 2-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) Nickname: Current Streak: 1 Loss Age: 30 | Date of Birth: 1987.09.29 Last Fight: April 15, 2017 in VF Weight Class: Lightweight | Last Weigh-In: N/A Affiliation: N/A Height: 5’10” (178cm).

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Worlds fastest knockout! – ONE SECOND!!!

We still like skull-smacking knockouts, right?

It’s an honest question: Do MMA fans continue to enjoy the sight of someone getting kicked in the face and falling lifeless to the ground?

I only ask because a world record for the fastest knockout in MMA may have been set Saturday, and the crowd reacted as though it had watched someone’s parents win a three-legged race.

The spectacular knockout was very real and occurred at WCMMA 14, according to Zane Simon of Bloody Elbow. While it can hardly be called a “fight,” a brief transaction of skin and bone occurred between fighters Sam Heron and Mike Garret.

Fast knockout: Vinicius de Jesus VS Anderson Silva

Vinicius de Jesus VS Anderson Silva is a short bout but still there is little intrigue in it. It’s all about the name. This is absolutely curious story full of questions, not answers.

Vinicius de Jesus is a lightweight Brazilian kickboxer who was happy with his victory like a kid! Anderson Silva was defeated with strong punch without much effort as it seems. It happened at the 24 second. It was enough to make just a couple of punches for knockout after Vinicius de Jesus dumped the opponent on the canvas.

Great job! Excellent techniques and dynamism are actually the qualities of the winner. This is what we had time to notice. The opponent’s punches were also precise but he seemed to be not so good at guarding.

The ability to withstand the attack is a must here. If you can’t endure the opponent’s aggression you are doomed to lie unconscious on the ring. Not a great perspective, right? One should be like a rock to succeed in MMA. Yes, that is hard but it’s the essence of this sport. The skill of attacks will not help you much if you are beaten at the 24 second.

This guy gets knocked out after he kisses his opponent

This battle did not last. One of the opponents before the beginning of the gong was kissed in the mouth of his opponent who did not stay awake. The fighter knocked him out and finished everything before he started.The opponent who was knocked out did not expect such a reaction from another brutal fighter.

Fast and vicious MMA knockout

You’re about to see one of the most quick and vicious knockouts in MMA. Certainly I can’t remember watching anybody getting knocked out as fast and as brutal as this fighter in the video. This bout took place back in 2004 in St. Paul, Minnesota. A fight between Jami Klair and Jesse Veium.

The fighters decided not to touch the gloves and get straight to the business. And it paid off for one of them and sent the other one sleeping near the cage. It was Klair who landed a monster right punch to Veium’s jaw. Seems like the first punch might have already done the damage but Klair was able to push his stunned opponent away while landing another right hand that sent Veium falling backwards with his mouthpiece flying away.
According to the promoter it took about 25 minutes to get Jesse Veium ”back to life”.

Amazing one punch face plant knockout

Exciting MMA videos don’t come too often from continental Europe but when they do – they are just great. Recently we admired lightning fast knockouts from Romania which happened on the same night, now let’s head to Austria to watch a great sniper shot which bears a “Made in Switzerland” mark on it.

The winner’s name is Rabit Hyseni and we just can’t believe the guy does not fight any more. Hopefully he does, but this fight against Engin Inan is the only one that can be found on the internet. The bout took place at Martial Arts Xtreme Fight Championship 4 in Lochau, Austria on December 3, 2011. It was quite a show with only two bouts out of eleven going into the second round.

Hyseni’s win became the quickest finish of the night. All it took Hyseni to win the fight was one solid counterpunch which was perfectly timed and perfectly landed. Inan was out cold before he hit the mat and collapsed flat like a chopped tree. Hyseni glanced once to realize there was no need for ground and pound and switched to celebrating while referees and medics were trying to get Inan back on his feet again. The knockout was Inan’s second back-to-back loss as a pro and perhaps it was his last fight as well, as no reports of his later bouts are available.

Awesome 5 second Knockout!

MMA tournaments differ, you know. Some think it’s okay for a fighter to beat the hell out of a soccer mom in a debut pro bout. Luckily, there are promotions with another approach and Tuff’n’Uff is one of them. Despite the fact it’s an amateur competition it’s very often fun to watch.

You just never know what it’s going to be – an exciting superheavyweight brawl, a lightning fast knockout or a Krav Maga instructor who knocks her opponent out cold. Here is one more explanation why Tuff’n’Uff gains much attention from MMA fans.
March 1, 2014 was a special day for Corey Conway and AJ Leone.

The guys were set to meet in the cage for a bantamweight clash at the main card for Tuff’n’Uff Mayhem in Mesquite IV in CasaBlanca Resort and Casino in Nevada, USA. I bet both guys were preparing for their amateur debut, they trained long and stuff but no one could imagine that it would take only five seconds to find out who’s the winner.

After the referee’s word Conway and Leone started exchanging punches and Conway’s second shot dotted all I’s – an overhand right hook landed on Leone’s jaw and dropped him to the mat making the ref jump in for a wave off.

The outcome was so fast that some fans probably missed everything. A good beginning makes a god ending, they say. AJ Leone was probably too much upset with his debut as there’s nothing heard of his other fights. As for Corey Conway, the 19 year old pursues his amateur career, having scored four wins and one loss so far. He fights not only on Tuff’n’Uff card but also takes part in the Battle in the Barn tournaments in Washington.


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