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Forbidden story: Real love of Dodik’s son was Bosniak Arijana Demirovic

21.07.2015 - 21:08 | English

Wedding of Igor Dodik, son of the President of Republika Srpska and Serb nationalistic leader Milorad Dodik, was burning news in the regional media this weekend.

The wedding, held at the family ranch in Bakinci near Banja Luka, was attended by hundreds of guests, including music stars, directors, top politicians, businessmen etc, and cost at least 200,000 KM.

Media dubbed this event the wedding of the century. Dodik’s son Igor married his girlfriend Ivana Pekusic from Belgrade.

Happiest man

Milorad Dodik, the most powerful man in Republika Srpska, said he is the happiest man in the world at this moment.

But according to some media, real choice of young Igor Dodik was actually someone else.

Young Dodik was in love with Arijana Demirovic from Bihac, daughter of former football player Irfan Demirovic. The problem was that she is Bosniak (Muslim).

The two of them studied together at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. They met there and fell in love.

But both families strongly opposed the relationship, and tried to deny it when it went public in 2011.

Dodik family immediately said that “Igor is too young to get married,” and Arijana’s father dismissed rumors about love affair saying there is nothing between his daughter and Igor. Asked by the media about that in 2011, Irfan Demirovic said that “it is not pleasant to listen those rumors.”

Serious relationship

But some sources claim that the relationship was quite serious but fell apart only after strong pressure “from both sides.”

Dodik thought it could be dangerous for his image of a Serb nationalistic leader if his son marries a Muslim girl. At the end, the two of them separated, and Igor suddenly appeared in public with his new girlfriend from Belgrade, whom he eventually married.

Although the whole story is no secret, it was not mentioned in media in Republika Srpska recently, and some say it has become some kind of “forbidden story”. Only Serbian daily Blic reminded shortly about the love of Igor and Arijana, “which was doomed to fail since both families opposed it,” the daily wrote.

Arijana currently lives in Switzerland.